About us

Top fence systems is a perfessional manuafacture of the fence systems, it has excenllent design team for your tower, construction project, commercial bulidings, farms, high quality products and best service is our goals!

Chain link fencing is available in a variety of heights gauges and in recent year's colors.

From a distance or to the untrained eye the framework (posts and rails) and fabric (chain link) can look the same, but upon closer scrutiny you will notice that several different qualities and weights exist.

Many fence contractors do not specify the sizes, weights and finishes of the materials they plan to use on your project. In many cases this may be an oversight, in others this is intentionally done in order to give the prospective client the illusion of value.

An educated consumer is the best defense against such unethical tactics. To assist you in making an informed choice, your Fence Builder's Proposal will include detailed specifications of all materials proposed and on request your sales person can provide you with samples of the contrasting products at no charge.

Chain link fence with top rails, height can be 0.5m up to 3m